Around the world, home health nurses provide care for individuals, support families and interact with communities. Research and evidence-based practice are important components of home health nursing and bring value to our profession and specialty. The IHCNO is interested in fostering relationships with and between researchers or clinicians that investigate the quality of home health care and home health nursing within the international community. We are especially interested in research related to the International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing. For more information about the Research Committee and its work, email

Our Goals

  1. Create a network of home health nurse researchers dedicated to research and scholarship within home health setting and academia.

  2. Foster the collaboration among researchers within or across countries to conduct research related to the Guidelines and other areas of interest to home health nurses.

  3. Showcase current projects or research that feature one or more topics that promote the science of home health nursing and augment knowledge development and dissemination of the Guidelines (See Guideline #9, Evidence Based Practice/Research).

  4. Advise home health nursing researchers on available grant funding and research conferences.

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