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International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing

  • International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing

    The International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing can be viewed on our dedicated Guidelines page. Click Here to read more.

  • Print a copy of the Guidelines

    For your convenience, The International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing has been made available in a printer-friendly version. Click Here to view the printable copy.

  • Articles about Guidelines

    Several articles about the Guidelines have been published in Home Healthcare Now about why and how the guidelines were developed, and how home health nurses can help to update the guidelines.

    • • Narayan, M. C., Harris, M., Farris, C., Hiong, F. Y., McEnroe-Petitte, D. M. (2017). International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing. Home Healthcare Now, 35(8), 450. Short article encouraging nurses to attend a webinar about the “International Guidelines for Home Healthcare Nursing.” Includes a brief summary about the mission and activities of the IHCNO.

    • • Narayan, M. C., Harris, M. D., Farris, C., Hiong, F. Y. (2017). Development of the International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing. Home Healthcare Now, 35(9), 494–506. Detailed description of the process used to develop the Guidelines. Includes first publication of the Guidelines.

    • • Harris, M. (2018). International Home Care Nurses Organization (IHCNO) Webinar. Home Healthcare Nurse, 36(2), 131. Short article about the October 2017 webinar about the Guidelines. Includes a summary of participants’ questions and ideas related to the Guidelines.

  • Discuss the Guidelines

    The Guidelines are a work in progress. We think of this present first version as a foundation for updates that will strengthen the Guidelines and render them more universal. Please contact Mary Narayan,, Chair of the Guidelines Committee, with comments, concerns or interest in participating in the next revision of the Guidelines. Put “International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing” in the subject. We would also be interested in how you have used the Guidelines in your personal practice, incorporated into policies or if you have translated the Guidelines.

    Marilyn Harris suggested ways home health nurses can contribute to information needed to develop the next revision of the Guidelines in an article entitled, International Home Care Nurses Organization (IHCNO) Webinar (March/April 2017 issue of Home Healthcare Now, p. 131). Issues she asked nurses to discuss and report are below. Send your comments to

    • 1. Do you think the Guidelines, as aspirational objectives, are appropriate for home healthcare nurses in your country?

    • 2. What issues do home health nurses face in your country?

    • 3. In your country, are there any existing professional or government guidelines specifically for home health nursing practice?

    • 4. How do you define a “home healthcare nurse”?

    • 5. Does your country promote specialized education for home healthcare nurses?

    • 6. In your country, are home health nurses able to practice to the full extent of their knowledge and expertise?

    • 7. How often and by whom is your professional practice evaluated?

    • 8. How do home health nurses in your country stay abreast of “evidence-based” care practices?

    • 9. How is the safety of home healthcare nurses protected?

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