Are you interested in helping us help home care nurses?

Volunteer organizations like the IHCNO can only move forward with the help of volunteers. We invite you to join one of the following committees and send us a message with your interest. A committee chair from IHCNO will contact you to determine your volunteering availability as needs develop.


Fund-Raising Committee

Because we currently do not require membership dues, we need other sources to fund the IHCNO’s expenses, such as website design, legal advice and expenses for our free webinars. We hope to obtain grants or donations from organizations that support our mission. Members with connections to companies or organizations would be particularly welcomed to this committee.

Research Committee

Researchers and nurses interested in research can help by serving on our grants review committee, by helping design and facilitate research on the International Guidelines for Home Health Nursing, by helping nurse researchers find fellow researchers interested in international collaboration, or by mentoring nurses new to research.

Education Committee

The aim of the Education Committee is to foster growth in home care nursing knowledge, understanding, and practice through conference and webinar planning, providing information and resources for our website, and conducting other educational and collaborative activities for home care nurses and patients.

Outreach Committee

Help us support nurses in our network. Welcome new nurses and answer their questions. Or help grow our network through outreach efforts and making connections.

Communication Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the IHCNO website in both context and content, utilizing social media platforms, providing newsletters and messages in digital format with a goal of encouraging home care nurses from around the world to utilize the IHCNO website for information and the exchange of ideas.

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    Amazon Smile

    Amazon, an online seller of millions of products, is available in over 100 countries. In some of these countries, if you make purchases through Amazon, Amazon’s charitable arm contributes 0.5% of your purchase to your pre-selected 501(c) 3 organization.

    By clicking on the link, Amazon Smile, you can select the IHCNO as your designated charitable organization. You pay nothing extra, Amazon makes the donation. As an all-volunteer organization with no dues, your donations can help defray IHCNO’s operating costs. You can also bookmark your Amazon Smile page, and whenever you make a purchase, go to the bookmarked Amazon Smile page, and the donation automatically happens.


    To make a financial donation, please click on the button below and follow the PayPal prompts to make an online monetary donation to IHCNO.