Welcome to the International Home Care Nurses Organization

The International Home Care Nurses Organization is a world-wide network of nurses interested in promoting excellence in home-based healthcare throughout the world.   We strive to achieve this goal through three initiatives:

An International Conference which attracts nurse clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers and others interested in care models, initiatives and research aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of patients receiving care in their homes. To be updated about our next conference or about submitting an abstract, e-mail Mary.Narayan@ihcno.org to be placed on our e-mail list.

LinkedIn Discussion Group in which you can ask questions and discuss issues of interest to an international group of nurse researchers, educators, clinicians and administrators about home-based care. To become part of this discussion group, click on Linked In Discussion Group.

Significant Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of nurses who “meet” virtually to address opportunities, questions and concerns in particular areas of home-based practice.   Currently, there are three SIGs:

Virtual IHCNO Meeting
July 27, 2016 Cancelled

Based on several pressing issues it is with regret that we must CANCEL the Virtual Meeting planned for July 27, 2016. Please stay in touch!